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This series of the board policy manual is devoted to the goals and objectives for the delivery of the education program.  The board’s objective in the design, contents, and delivery of the education program is to provide an equal opportunity for students to pursue an education free of discrimination on the basis of gender identity, race, creed, color, sex, national origin, marital status, religion, disability, or sexual orientation.

In providing the education program of the school district, the board shall strive to meet its overall goal of providing the students an opportunity to develop a healthy social, intellectual, emotional, and physical self-concept in a learning environment that provides guidance and encourages critical thinking in students.

In striving to meet this overall goal, the objectives of the education program are to provide students with an opportunity to:

  • Acquire  basic skills in obtaining information, solving problems, thinking critically, and communicating effectively;
  • Become effective and responsible contributors to the decision-making processes of the social and political institutions of the community, state, and nation;
  • Acquire entry-level job skills and knowledge necessary for further education;
  • Acquire the capacities for a satisfying and responsible role as family members;
  • Acquire knowledge, habits, and attitudes that promote personal and public health, both physical and mental;
  • Acquire an understanding of ethical principles and values, and the ability to apply them to their own lives;
  • Develop an understanding of their own worth, abilities, potential, and limitations; and,
  • Learn and enjoy the process of learning, and acquire the skills necessary for a lifetime of continuous learning and adaptation to change.

An advisory committee of representatives of the school district community and the school district shall be appointed to make recommendations for the goals and objectives of the education program. Annually, the board shall report to the committee regarding progress toward achievement of the goals and objectives of the education program.




Approved 3-21-94  Reviewed 6-15-98 Reviewed 9-20-01  Reviewed 7-19-04  Revised 3-09-09 

Approved 05-13  Reviewed 3-9-16  Approved 8-10-16